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      We Open Doors.

      WEA opens doors and makes a Catholic School education accessible for Baltimore's children.

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      Quality Education

      The Women's Education Alliance (WEA) is committed to raising awareness, scholarship funds and school support services so all children can receive a quality, comprehensive, education - one that meets their academic, cultural, physical, spiritual and social needs.

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      WEA Works Hard

      We work hard. So our students can, too.

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      Why donate to WEA? Hear Chris' story...

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      Brighter Future

      WEA supports four community schools -- lighting the way for a brighter future for Baltimore's youth.

      Our Schools

    Our Community Schools

    Archbishop Borders

    Fully renovated in 2012, Archbishop Borders School is community-based and our first school to offer a dual-language immersion program.

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    Cardinal Shehan

    Known for its focus on creating a more peaceful world, Cardinal Shehan School is very proud of its amazing and very talented choir!

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    Holy Angels

    A STEM school serving the children of West Baltimore and beyond, Holy Angels School is newly constructed and shares its campus with Seton Keough High School.

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    Saints James and John

    With a special emphasis on reading scholars, Saints James and John is committed to providing a safe haven in the challenged environment of East Baltimore.

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