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    Get Involved with WEA

    When you make a difference in a child’s life you also make a difference in your life…a most wonderful win-win!

    One of WEA’s chief aims is to provide an avenue for anyone who wants to
    get involved with our initiatives.

    Let’s look at five major opportunities that make a difference:

    Sponsor a Child

    One Time Gift (OTG) – this path allows the donor to select one of the specified scholarship levels or to donate an amount of your choice towards a scholarship.

    Scholarship Preservation Program (SPP) – a priceless gift, this path allows the donor to select one of the specified scholarship levels and commit to this amount annually for a period of five years.  A child is assigned to the donor.

    Learn more here.

    Support School Needs

    This path shows the various services needed by our schools.    Learn here to see how this type of support enhances a child’s overall educational experience.

    Volunteer in a School

    Each of our schools have both similar and different needs.   Learn here about our common and diverse areas!

    Join a Committee

    WEA is organized and operated chiefly by Committee.   Check out each committee’s mission here and join women who have similar areas of interest or to select a new adventure(s)!

    More Opportunities!

    WEA is open to discussing your ideas or customized approaches to “Get Involved” with our Mission.  We are ready and willing to help you find the avenue that allows your talents, your resources and your time to be used in the best possible way and one that reflects your desire to be part of Women’s Education Alliance!  WEA also accepts donations by stock and participates in United Way #55938 and corporate match programs.   To explore opportunities more creatively, please email WEA Chair Betty Contino or call (410) 456-8228.