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    MARKETING  Charged with ensuring the voice of WEA is heard, telling the WEA story and bringing   awareness to women at large, this committee is fun and filled with creativity!  Much has been developed and in use, much is underway and much requires more helpers!   Contact Maureen Kalil, Chair to learn more and to sign up!!


    EVENTS MANAGEMENT   Sign up for one or all special events.. more fun and a beginning and ending date!  Events are special activities to raise funds for scholarships and/or school support!  Major WEA happenings are the Annual Fall Luncheon and WEA BOWL!   Get a better view by contacting Jennie Faust, Chair.


    SCHOOL SUPPORT  Working in tandem with the School Superintendent’s office and the four community school Principals, this committee identifies areas of support beyond scholarships!

    An array of projects, School Support is highly rewarding as students, teachers and school staff receive critical, timely and pertinent donations to enhance a child’s overall educational experience.   Be a winner every time a project is rolled out.  Contact Co-Chairs Sue Strom & Gina Gracie  for a broader spectrum of Committee endeavors.


    OUTREACH & DEVELOPMENT  Providing an on-going critical process where everyone participates to some degree encouraging more women to learn about WEA and to become engaged with the primary WEA Mission, you can be both challenged and satisfied as more awareness and participation is created.  Is Outreach & Membership Development right for YOU?  Please help WEA stay on track to recruit more smiling women.  Contact Chair Betty Contino.


    TECHNOLOGY  Help to keep our schools state-of-the-art and competitive with area private and public/charter schools by soliciting foundations and corporations, particularly in the area of advanced educational technology.  Learn where we’ve been, where we’ve come and where we need to go by contacting Chair Jean Halle.


    SCHOLARSHIPS & STUDENT/SPONSOR RELATIONSHIPS  Administrative handling of the various scholarships available and responding to new ideas and programs, feel the satisfying feeling of placing deserving kids in our classrooms.  Check out the ways to help more children and contact Elizabeth Lilley.


    FINANCE & OPERATIONS Keep WEA accurate and timely and ready for audit … using QuickBooks and e-Tapestry to process the generous giving of donors.  Does your background sound right for this small but mighty committee?  Contact Dianne Bull for Finance or Kathleen Balser for Operations.