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    SPP is a priceless gift to a specific child.  A donor selects one of the specified gifts below and commits to making the gift annually for a period of five years.   This extended gift provides a child with continuity of education and relieves the stress parents face year to year wondering whether their child will return to school the following year!  Please note this is not a legal commitment; simply put the intention is  “if God continues to bless you, can you continue to bless a child!”

    Should your circumstances change, WEA will continue to provide the student’s scholarship.  Donors participating in SPP will have a designated child who will communicate to them by letter during the school year. They will also be invited to a “juice & donut” morning annually to meet with their student and participate in an activity designed by the Principal.  Truly this is a most wonderful blessing for both donor and student!

    Scholarship Levels

    Star Pupil | $1,000 –  one child/five years

    Teacher’s Helper | $2,000 – one child/five years

    Graduate | $5,000 – one child/five years

    School Chums | $10,000 – one boy & one girl/five years

    Classmates | $25,000 – five children/five years

    To participate in SPP, please follow these instructions:

    1. Notify your intention to become an SPP donor by emailing Betty Contino  or calling (410) 456-8228.  Your sponsorship will then be recorded and acknowledged.
    2. If you would like to pay your first year funding at this time, please submit your donation online or print the Donor Form and mail it to us.


    A very special scholarship avenue, your gift can be specified (see list below) or a donation can be made for any amount and will be applied to the Annual Scholarship Fund which may affect one or more children in our schools.  This gift allows for flexibility in helping a student whose needs may fluctuate.  This Fund very often can provide a last minute show of support to get a child inside the classroom!

    Scholarship Levels

    Star Pupil | $1,000 – one child/one year

    Teacher’s Helper | $2,000 – one child/one year

    Graduate | $5,000 – one child/one year

    School Chums | $10,000 – one boy & one girl/one year

    Classmates | $25,000 – five children/one year

    To Create Your Own Scholarship any and all amounts are critical and needed.  Please email Betty Contino or call her (410) 456-8228 to further discuss or to designate the amount of your gift!


    Note:  If you prefer to donate by mail, please print the Donor Form, complete the information requested and mail to Bull & Associates, 308 West Joppa Road, Towson, MD 21204.  If sending a check, please make it payable to “WEA.”